How Lifestyle Affects Health: Know For Yourself !!!


Lifestyle is a way how a person lives and it reflects their behavior, daily habits, culture and personality.

Lifestyle patterns play the major role in improving the quality of life and the prime parameter of a qualitative lifestyle is ‘being healthy’.

As health has become an integral part of human life in this fast-changing lifestyle, adults are acutely facing the wrath of lack of nutrition due to lack of time, and no focus on nutrient intake results in deteriorating health.


Sedentary lifestyle with no sleep saturdays and never ending pizza rounds without any vitamin enriching food intake or even required body movement.

Everyone is in a race to get up, reach office, play over the emails until the midnights and grab ‘something or anything’ in between to satisfy the hunger.

How we say a person lives for basic needs of life to be healthy, happy and content.

This young generation is totally missing out on this completely wherein professional goals take over health, which would be the biggest fallout factor for millennials in the coming years.


For a fact, lifestyle factors have a greater impact than genetic factors as right living habits can for sure improve on the genetic factors of a person but not the other way around.

Being healthy is a choice which is a ‘must’ for this generation to sustain in the coming years.

As per the reports, WHO concluded that individual health is 60% directly correlated to quality of life.

A few variables which affect individual lifestyle start with diet, exercise routine, and sleep. 

It is not a surprising fact how the urban lifestyle is countering all these variables evidently.

Work commitments and the idea of leisure in today’s time is opposite of what an ideal daily lifestyle is considered to be in the pink of health.

Urban lifestyle is leading to the nutrition problems like  intake of fast foods and poor foods, increasing problems which arise due to nutritional deficiencies - hair loss, obesity, cardiovascular issues in just their teenage or early 20’s.


The aggravating environmental conditions and rigid lifestyle has made it impossible for the young generation to caress themselves with proper nutrition.

There are a plethora of hair products available in the market with increased usage and demand for hair care products such as serums, shampoos, conditioners, and oils to improve the volume or strength to tackle the ever increasing issue of hair fall, hair loss, hair decay, and the list goes on.

But, the root cause is these products cannot fix how an unhealthy lifestyle is affecting the hair health - lack of nutrition.


However, on the global trend, people are becoming more self-conscious and adapting healthy was to nourish with multivitamin supplements to maintain right nutrient intake.

People are resorting to every other alternative with their own research trying out wellness products.

There is a changed behaviour of people indulging in #SelfCare, caressing their mind and body, with exercise, healthy diet and regular vitamins intake.

However, millenials who cannot associate themselves taking pills or capsules on a daily basis in pursuit of health which improves their hair health and overall wellbeing.

There comes in place, one-of-a-kind health supplement Power Gummies.


Power Gummies is a super-tasty, vegan, unisex chewable vitamin dietary health supplement, crafted with highest quality ingredients, no gluten, no gelatin, cruelty-free, and bursting out mix berry flavour creating a nostalgic yet enjoyable experience.

Consists of the power of ten essential Vitamins (A to E), Biotin, Folic Acid, and Zinc, crucial for maintaining healthy hair, nails and skin.

These vitamin gummies for nails and hair swear to help with your Nails & Hair Growth, reduced hair fall, improved skin & nail health within 90 days of regular chewing with a basic set of directions to chew everyday - 2 gummies a day for effective nutrition as we say.

These gummies contain a supplement fact sheet which showcases all the vitamins and minerals are included in its composition which is required on a daily basis by a human body in permissible limits.

Gives the health a gift to blossom without any extra effort but just 2 gummies, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Why anyone would trust the effectiveness of these biotin infused gummies goes into the suggested directions of use as recommended by which actually affect the lifestyle with the right amount of sleeping hours, balanced diet, and water intake.

For a fact, the 10 Hair Friendly Essential Vitamins can be absorbed by the body with required water intake. For eg: Biotin is a water soluble vitamin.

These gummies are aesthetically curated to eradicate this issue of adult nutrition and provide the benefit of optimal health on-the-go.

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