How To Get Yourself Registered For Covid19 Vaccination In India If You Are Above 18?

Coronavirus Vaccine to help India Fight Against Corona

With the testing times daunting India against Corona fight, this has brought India to enter their Third Phase of Providing Corona Vaccine to their youth, i.e. - 18+ years of age group, after running a monthly vaccine program for age above 45 years.

The Central government on Monday announced that the coronavirus vaccine will be available for all people above 18 years of age starting May 1 and the registration to begin from 28th April 2021.

Should I Get Corona Virus Vaccine?

Current scenarios have become crucial since the country’s best hospitals are running out of resources with sending SOS for oxygen, testing labs being overrun, frontline workers giving up, black market hoarding of medicines and so on.

Even, the world has been the spectator to how seriously Covid19 has grabbed hold over the country of 1.3 billion people.

This humanitarian crisis has brought countries like the US, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, China mobilizing much needed medical equipment, oxygen, vaccines and solidarity from world-famous leaders.

Even the Top E-Commerce company, Amazon has declared that they will be airlifting 10000 Oxygen Concentrators & BiPAP Machines into India.

Google also pledged Rs. 135 Crore in Funding to help India Fight Corona.

So, join in India’s fight against Corona by getting vaccinated in time. Here’s how you can find your answers regarding the availability of the vaccine and register yourself for the COVID-19 vaccine in India.

Can I Register For Covid Vaccine If I Am Above 18?

Since the announcement has just been made, the registration process for all adults who are above the age of 18 will start from April 28, 2021 post 4 pm IST.

Where Can I Register For The Covid Vaccine If I Am Above 18?

How to Register for coronavirus vaccine in India for above 18 | Regsiter For Coronavirus Vaccine on CoWin Official Portal Now

CoWin Website

As per updates, the registration will start on the CoWin platform wherein any user can login via Aarogya Setu app and Umang app.

The government has made it clear that there will be no walk-in allowed in the third phase to avoid any further virus transmissions and to ensure all the protocols have been adhered.

How To Register For Covid Vaccine For People Above 18?

# A Step-By-Step Guide

The steps to your corona free life are much simpler and easy!

Any Indian citizen can register for the coronavirus vaccine in India via CoWIN app or going through their official website or logging in via Aarogya Setu/Umang App for the first dose, which is a must giving negligible death rates due to corona positivity out of the vaccinated people.

Register For COVID19 Vaccine Via the Co-WIN Official Website

Step 1

Go to the co-Win portal by visiting the CoWin Website.

Step 2

You will see an option to “Register/Sign In yourself” or “Register with Aarogya Setu”, Click on either of the option.

Step 3

Enter your mobile number and enter the OTP received on the same mobile number valid for 3 minutes.

How to Register for coronavirus vaccine in India for above 18 | Register With The Mobile Number and OTP received on it

Step 4

After entring the OTP, your mobile number will get registered with the CoWin official portal for coronavirus vaccine registration. Now, you will be ask to "REGISTER MEMBER" to get vaccinated for Covid19.

Regsiter for Coronavirus Vaccine | Enter the personal information for coronavirus vaccine registration

You can register maximum of 4 members with one mobile number

Step 5

Put in all your personal information along with requested identity proof - Aadhar card, driving license, passport etc and carry along with the same on vaccination appointment as well.

How to Register for coronavirus vaccine in India for above 18 | Enter the personal information here

After filling the personal information of the respective member click on register & that member will be registered with CoWin Portal For Coronavirus Vaccination Process.

Register for coronavirus vaccine in India for above 18 | Member is registered with CoWin Portal

You can also add a new member for coronavirus vaccine registration by clicking on "ADD MEMBER".

Step 6

Choose a hospital or covid19 vaccination centre nearest to you on your suited date by tapping on a book appointment and you are all set to go!

Register for coronavirus vaccine in India for above 18 | Book Coronavirus Vaccine Appointment For 18 Above

Book Your Appointment By Selecting The Most Convenient Coronavirus Vaccination Centre

Register For Coronavirus Vaccine Via Co-WIN App - (For Android Devices)

Step 1

Download and Install the Co-WIN app on your Android smartphone via the Google Play Store.

Step 2

Open the app and enter your mobile number.

Step 3

Verify with the OTP received on your entered mobile number valid for 3 minutes.

Step 4

Fill in your personal information - name, age, gender, area of residence and more on the registration page.

Step 5

Upload all the required documents to complete the registration process, usually an Aadhar card, license or passport etc. Also, please note to carry the same identity proof on the day of the vaccination appointment as well.

Step 6

Further book your vaccination appointment by selecting your suited nearby health centre for any available date of your convenience.

Step 7

Tap on Book appointment to successfully register yourself for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Get ready to enter the antibody club to be fully secure with the corona virus vaccine.

Register Via Aarogya Setu App on Android or iOS Devices

Step 1

Download and Install the Aarogya Setu app on your android or iOS device. Please make sure the app is updated.

Step 2

Register yourself using the on-screen instructions.

Step 3

Tap on the Vaccination tab.

Step 4

Enter your mobile number and verify it via the OTP.

Step 5

Now, register for the vaccine by filling up the required details following the same instructions as explained above.

India Fights Corona

India Stands United Against Covid19 To Fight Hard | Register For Coronavirus Vaccine on CoWin Portal

Goes with a given stats and the data study mentions it will take a minimum of 1 year for the entire country population to get access to the first dosage of vaccination.

The Indian government has been working hard for over a year to ensure the maximum number of citizens are being vaccinated in the most feasible time frame.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stated that coronavirus vaccine in India is being given at a world record pace and the nation will march ahead with even greater momentum.

This decision by Mr Prime Minister Narendra Modi, came as a crisis management measure to safeguard the country from losing out on more lives due to the deadly outbreak of the virus, by making Corona Virus Vaccine Available for youth of India.

Nevertheless, the hope is still not lost as leading doctors from across the country and with top pharma companies on the prevailing COVID-19 situation along with foreign expertise.

Currently, India is administering two Covid19 Vaccinations -

# Covaxin — developed by Hyderabad - based Bharat Biotech.

# Covishield — developed by Oxford - Astrazeneca and Serum Institute of India.

Important Information Regarding Post Effects of Corona Virus Vaccine

Inform the vaccination centre if any side effect(s) is experienced within 30 minutes or get in touch on the helpline Number: +91-11-23978046 (Toll-free- 1075) in case of any side effect after leaving the vaccination centre.