5 Hacks That Can Make Your Hair Super Healthy!

What is your hair care regime? How many times do you wash your hair? Do you use conditioner after shampooing? When it comes to your hair care regime, there are many steps that we end up overdoing to get better results or to maintain hair health.

We often forget to treat the damaged areas, and your hair health gets hampered. Your tresses need extra care, and changing your regime once in a while to manage its health is essential.

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To take your hair goal to the next level, you need a routine where you swear by some rules that help you balance the hair quality and improve it. The hair care rituals to get salon-like hair include multiple levels of care.

We have found the steps for you to get the healthiest hair by following a simple routine addition and changes :

Use Fewer Hair Products :

We often assume that if we apply more products or add extra rituals in our regime, our hair quality will get transformed. Adding more products will lead to product build-up and usually disrupt scalp health.

It makes your scalp itchy, produces more oil, and collects more dirt. Minimal products will help your hair feel better and would be easy to keep the scalp clean.

Use a Microfiber Hair Towel :

Are you still using your towel to wrap wet hair? If yes, possibly you are making a mistake! Placing your hair on top of your head and twisting them causes your damp hair cuticle to open, making them become more frizzy and get damaged.

It weakens the strands and permanently damages the hair. The microfiber towels reduce the drying time and decrease the possibilities of breakage and frizz.

Massage your Scalp Regularly :

We often forget to neglect our scalp health that is vital for hair growth. Massages promote hair growth and relax our roots. Hair oils help with simulation and hair growth.

Brush Smoothly :

Are you brushing your strands too often and not evenly? If yes, then your tresses are getting pulled and causing tension which damages the midsection of the hair that makes them weak and brittle.

Always start brushing your hair from the bottom end and work your way up after removing knots and trying minimum pulling.

Stop Over washing your Hair :

Do you wash your tresses often if they get slightly oily? It is crucial to wash your strands only when needed because washing your locks frequently disrupts your natural hair pH.

Your Locks have a pH balance of 4.5 to 5, which is the fitting pH stability for your scalp to thrive. When you wash your hair frequently or use dry shampoo you wash off the protective layer. Wash once or twice per week to keep your locks healthy and pH maintained.

These steps will help your hair recover from the damage and thrive to become healthier and softer. To ensure better hair quality including, the right amount of vitamins and nutrition's is vital.