6 Reasons Your Tresses Are Staying Greasy And Itchy!

No one wants to wake up to a bad hair day! Some days, even after washing your tresses, they remain greasy. To resolve this greasiness, we rinse them without giving them a break and use tons of products which makes it worse.

There are multiple reasons why your hair is staying greasy and becoming itchy. Your hair naturally produces sebum which might sound like a problem but does more good than bad.

Sebum keeps your hair moisturized, prevents them from breaking off and getting brittle. Sometimes less is good because excessive production brings a range of factors that lead to dandruff, thin lengths, and limp roots.

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Hormonal fluctuations, lifestyle changes, and styling mistakes are causes of unnecessary production of sebum. The hair-related concerns are endless but, we have tried to streamline them for you.

We Have Accumulated Six Reasons That Cause Greasiness and How to Get Them Rectified :

# You Are Touching Your Hair Too Much! :

Moving your fingers along your smooth strands ahh! We all are guilty of it but touching your hair too much leads to oil production. Try to keep your hands away from your hair as much as possible, or you can tie them in a loose bun.

# Are You Shampooing Your Hair Right :

What type of shampoo do you use? Are you using the shampoo right for your hair quality? Is your shampoo stripping off all the hair oils? These are just a few questions that ticks in your mind about whether it has a good or bad impact on your strands.

There are a variety of shampoos available in the market, but which one is right for you should be on top of your consideration. Some shampoos can strip your tresses of natural oil. Use mild shampoos with less sulfate and moisturize without any chemicals plus your ph levels are maintained.

# Keep Your Hairbrush Clean :

You need to keep washing your hairbrush within 1-2 weeks to get rid of the dead skin, oil, and dust or remaining styling product. These leftovers can hinder your tidy hair quality and make your locks more greasy. Cleaning helps with removing the build-up and stops the product transfer onto your hair.

# Are You Using Too Much Conditioner :

We often use an extra pump of conditioner to smoothen our hair, but that makes your locks greasiness-prone. Try using only the required amount and apply only at the bottom part of your hair.

# Your Period Clock Is Ticking :

That time of the month spikes your progesterone levels which increases sebum production, makes the hair sticky, but once the bleeding stops and testosterone levels are low, it gets back to normal. Once your period's dates are gone, you can wash them using a mild shampoo and eat right to balance the hormones.

# More Than a Drop of Serum :

Serums make your hair smooth, and most of them protect your hair from heat damage, but excessive serum usage makes them oily. So, take a drop or two of the hair serum on your palm and warm it up by rubbing it before spreading it on your strands for uniform distribution.

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We often forget about the steps or unintentionally make mistakes which leads to hair problems to add on. These ways can help curb such issues, keep them fresh and less greasy.

It will help to subtract the problems like dandruff and hair fallout. You know what else can keep your hair super healthy from the inside, Power gummies Hair and Nails Vitamin! Biotin fortified gummies are known to increase the body's keratin structure that helps strengthen your hair and supports hair growth.

We care for you and recommend checking with a medical professional regarding any hair-related issues.