9 Yoga Poses That Can Help Improve Thyroid Health

Yoga se hi hoga ! In the 20th century, We got ample possibilities, fancy lifestyles, and everything one imagines at their doorstep. As a result of new likelihoods, Physical well-being has taken a step backward, and people are undergoing health issues that hamper their wellness.

Feeling lethargic, puffy face, sudden weight gain or loss, and irregular menstrual cycle are a few Thyroid symptoms. The thyroid disorder is a common health issue diagnosed among women of this era.

What is Thyroid disorder, and how does it impacts our wellness?

A Butterfly-shaped gland in your neck, just above your collarbone, is one of the endocrine glands that generate hormones. Thyroid hormones control your activities which are your body's metabolisms. Abnormal production of thyroid hormones leads to health disorders.

There are two types of Thyroid disorders - Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). Women suffering from these disorders have impacting and distinct effects.

What are Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism disorders?

# Hypothyroidism - When the thyroid gland doesn't create and release enough thyroid hormone in your bloodstream is known as Hypothyroidism.

It slows down the metabolism, makes you feel tired, weight gains, and less tolerant to cold weather.

# Hyperthyroidism - It is the state where levels of thyroid hormones get released into the body and makes the metabolisms rush up.

Its symptoms include weight loss, increased appetite, and stress.

Yoga is a natural reliever, and it can help with achieving balanced wellness. Studies have proven that practicing Yoga has benefitted thyroid patients drastically.

Here are 09 poses(asanas) that can help you manage your thyroid disorder.

1. Cat and Cow

Cow-And-Cat-Yoga | The-Beach-Body-By-Powergummies | Toned-Body

2. Bow Pose

Bow-Pose-Yoga | Weight-Loss-Gummies | Powergummies

3. Wheel Pose

Wheel-Pose-Yoga | Body-Beach-Weight-Management-Powergummies

4. Plough Pose

 Plough-Pose-Yoga | Weight-Loss-Management

5. Cobra Pose 

Cobra-Pose-Yoga | Body-Beach-Gummies | Powergummies

6. Camel Pose

Camel-Pose-Yoga | Beach-Body-Gummies | Power-Gummies

7. Fish Pose 

Matsyasana | Fish-Pose-Yoga | Healthy-Body-Beach-Body | Power-Gummies

8. Bridge Pose

Bridge-Pose-Yoga | The-Beach-Body-Gummies | Power-Gummies

9. Corpse Pose

Corpse-Pose-Yoga | Lose-Weight-Fast | Powergummies

Yoga is the ultimate contributor to enhancing your physical as well as mental growth.

Asanas or poses intensify the new blood flow by stretching and it stimulates the throat region. Stress is one of the root causes, and asanas help with balancing the nervous system.

We care for you, and we recommend connecting with a certified practitioner if you are a beginner.