Busting the PMS Myths & Unleashing the Facts

Normalize Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Power Gummies: Normalizing PMS | Breaking PMS Myths and Unleashing the Facts

Period talk has lately been normalized, thankfully but yet there are numerous myths attached to them as well as to the PMS Symptoms.

Yes, that’s right! PMS is used to all the pain-full, sleepless nights, dangerous mood swings and cravings for food like a monster.

Most of us know about PMS but there are still myths related to PMS that need to burst, so you are aware of what’s real and what’s just talking behind the bush talks are!

So before we move on to the PMS myths and facts wrestle, it’s important to know what is PMS and what are it's symptoms?

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) is turmoil of physical, behavioural and emotional changes in the time before menstruation starts and affects personal daily life.

These can be experienced 7 to 14 days before the periods and bring with them cramps, body pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

Now that you know what PMS is, it’s time to bust the myths rolling in our society for long.

MYTH #1: All Women With Menstrual Cycles Have PMS.

Power Gummies: Busting PMS Myth that All Women With Menstrual Cycle Face Pre-Menstrual Syndrome aka PMS

Let’s get this straight, No! Not all women experience PMS, though it is true that plenty of women sail through emotions through their period but it’s not necessary PMS is the real reason for that.

There are other life circumstances too that cause mood swings.

Out of 4, every 3 women experience problem of PMS.

So, as we said, not everyone - just almost everyone!

MYTH #2: PMS Is As An Excuse by Women For Spoiled Mood.

Power Gummies: Unleashing the PMS Fact that PMS is not an excuse for emotional changses and mood swings | PMS is Real

For everyone who passes this comment.

I want to quote Rachel Green from FRIENDS, “No uterus, no opinion!” PMS is a real thing and it is caused by the change in hormonal levels during the menstrual cycle.

The symptoms differ from mild cramps to a sleepless night, some often experience bona fide mood swings during PMS.

MYTH #3: Young Girls Aged 18 Experience Severe PMS Symptoms.

PMS symptoms are experienced by women of all age groups who are menstruating.

But the symptoms are mostly experienced in the early 20s and 40s and sometimes it peaks the severity in the 30s and 40s considering women’s menopause during which hormone levels fluctuate.

MYTH #4: Avoid Exercise During PMSing.

Power Gummies: Busting the Myth that women should not do the exercises and workouts during PMS & Periods

Honestly, experts believe that exercise during PMS makes you feel better and help ease some PMS symptoms.

You can opt for gentle physical activity like yoga, cardio, walking, etc. to avoid abdominal cramps or headaches.

Exercise helps in the endorphin rush that put you in a better mood if you are sinking in emotions, especially during menstruation cycle.

MYTH #5: No Supplement Can Help You Get Rid of PMS Blues.

It’s the greatest of all myths!

Research suggests calcium, vitamin B6, chasteberry extract, passionflower extract, magnesium sulphate are an aid for cramps, bloating, anxiety, cravings and also help you get a sound sleep. 

What’s important is to select a supplement that is rich in all the ingredients mentioned above.

Supplements are scientifically tested and are suitable for all age groups.

We are of the same family!

Power Gummies “That Time of The Month” PMS Gummies are formulated with magnesium, passionflower extract and all other ingredients that have been used as a rescue source for period pains.

We know period pains can affect your work as well as regular life, hence all you got to do is just take 2 gummies a day:

Power Gummies: PMS Gummies Conumption Schedule | Vitamins for PMS

# 3 days before the menstrual cycle - To comfort PMS symptoms.

# 4 days during the cycle - To make your flow smooth.

# 3 days after the cycle - To keep the pain at bay once your period ends.

These chewable vitamins for PMS are packed with delicious strawberry flavor to keep your craving satisfied during the periods too!

Because the Health of Menstruating Women Matters, Now you can have Happy Periods, for real.