Green Coffee Vs Green Tea for Weight Management

Green coffee beans are leaving no qualms to be the talk of the town with increasing popularity within the health and wellness community proclaiming all beneficial factors for effective weight management.

Green coffee beans aren’t roasted and are completely raw with a rich supply of health-promoting plant compounds, unlike regular coffee beans.

Green Coffee | The Beach Body by Power Gummies | Weight Loss Gummies

These incredibly beneficial coffee beans are mild in flavor in comparison to the strong tasting roasted coffee beans and a healthy switch from herbal teas taking you the Ayurveda way. Whilst green tea is usually every other person’s resort these days in the pursuit of food digestion and feeling lighter. Let’s read about some well-stated reasons why green coffee is better than green tea or vice versa.

Choose for Yourself: Green Coffee or Green Tea

Yes, you get to choose but you would pick green coffee over green tea any day as it helps with the release of fatty acids, works as a catalyst in the oxidation of your body fat, helps and improves one’s body’s metabolism rate, and also helps in stimulating the absorption of fat in the liver.

Green Tea | The Beach Body by Power Gummies | Weight Management Gummies | Lose Weight Fast

Improving the inner body ecosystem, overall health, burn fat, protect skin from ageing, green coffee beans knows the drill to weight management apart from the mentioned encouraging benefits.  Although green tea also brings in similar qualities to lose weight fast as per the studies however the visible results are much faster in consumption of green coffee. 

Science Behind the Magic of Green Coffee to lose weight?

In an experimental study, a set of overweight and obese individuals were asked to start with the consumption of green coffee beans extract to lose weight for consecutive 12 weeks without any changes in their exercise and diet regime (GCB- 7- 500 mg, 1-2 capsules a day after meals).

The concluding outcome was 97% of the participants felt a decrease of 6% in body weight on an average basis, a reduction in BMI by 5.65% and a decrease in weight circumference by 6.77%. 

On a totality basis, a larger number of participants could feel a positive change in the outlook of their health feeling lighter with improved metabolism, proactive energy and overall health with Green coffee beans are a boon to reduce glucose and calorie absorption, which in turn decreases the insulin output and the formation of adipose tissue.

Studies in the past have also said that the same may effectively prevent breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and leukemia. 

Conclusion: Pick your Green Coffee Beans

While green tea is as easy as boiling it in hot water and sipping it post meals at least once a day. Green coffee has some exceptional convenience benefits over the other with proven faster results to lose weight within 12 weeks showcasing improvement in detoxification of the body.

There are a number of easy to chew vitamin gummies chew alternatives present in the market for green coffee beans. One of them making your life easier is our Beach Body Gummies for better health from within infused with l-carnitine, vitamin c and green coffee too.

2 gummies a day on the go can solve it for all your green tea spillage issues which you might not be able to do in a moving metro but can chew while on your way rushing to office in the morning. Green Coffee got easier!