6 Ways You Can Grow Your Nails Quicker and Make Them Stronger

Who likes broken and unhealthy nails, No one! It is such a bummer not being able to flaunt your natural and healthy nails. We are sure once in a while you would like to go polish-free and relish your nourished nails. It gives an instant confidence boost, and you can indulge in nail care to maintain your nails health.

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It is a lavish investment of time to keep your nails in the best shape possible, and you can only do that by including some restorative steps in your routine. Add the below 6 ways to keep your nails healthy and grow them quicker:

1. Stop Biting Your Nails :

A common habit among women is nervous nail bitting, which is quite hard to quit, but it hampers your nails. Try to skip bitting your nails and use nail polishes that have a bitter taste to get rid of doing it again.

2. Keep Your Nails Short and Clean :

Well-trimmed nails are less likely to crack and peel. Shorter the nails, it is easier to maintain its health and get rid of brittle.

3. Avoid Using Acetone :

The most common ingredient in your nail polish removers is Acetone! It is a powerful chemical to remove your nail polish but strips off the natural nail oils that maintain health and weel moisturized nails. Acetone makes your nails dry and brittle, so avoid using acetone-based polish removers.

4. Refrain From Using Gel Extension :

Gel or acrylic nail extensions both look great, and we agree! Gel/ Acrylic Nail paints contain chemicals. Those chemicals affect your nail's growth. Try refraining from getting nail extensions regularly.

5. Use Cuticle Oil :

Nail-care starts with hydrating your skin around your nails and cuticles. To avoid breakage, keep your nails healthy and use cuticle oil daily. Dry Nails will keep on breaking and chipping, but if you keep them moisturized, they will grow back stronger and healthier.

6. Eat Your Supplements :

Just like your hair, your nails need vitamins that can make them stronger and healthier. Vitamin deficiency can make your nails prone to becoming brittle and breaking them. Eat supplements rich in Biotin to strengthen the nails and enable healthy growth.

We know you want to know the secret to preserve your nails from damage. Your prayers just got answered because Power gummies Hair & Nails Vitamin Gummies are all you need to reverse the damage from the inside and make your nails strong.

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Power gummies Hair & Nails Vitamin Gummies are vegan, filled with vital nutrients, minerals, and loads of love packed in a bottle for you! 

These Hair & Nails Vitamins have the key ingredients essential for healthy hair and strong nails.

# Biotin :

It helps with increasing the keratin infrastructure, leading to healthy hair and maximizing nail and hair growth.

# Zinc :

It regulates hormones, aids protein synthesis, and helps in absorbing nutrients, making it a vital nutrient for gorgeous hair and nails.

# Vitamin A to E :

Stimulates hair and nails, reduces breakage, nourishes the scalp, and boosts metabolism.

These gummies are super beneficial for hair fall, strengthen hair roots. It also helps with hair and nail growth.