Hairstyling Mistakes That Are Making Your Hair Strands Weak !

Those Insta-worthy hairstyles are perfect to complete your ensemble and make you look gorgeous! They do look fab, and you look straight out of a runway but can cause more damage than you can anticipate.

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We try to use the safest products, but there are a few things we forget to add to our routine to help with the pulling, breakage, and damage through products.

The constant brushing, snatching of your locks causes damage to the scalp and roots. The hairstyling habits are supposed to be updated now and then to ensure wholesome scalp and hair.

Here are hairstyling mistakes that are causing more damage to your hair than good.

# Sleeping With Your Hair Tied :

If you are sleeping with tied hair, you damage your tresses and trigger pulling and tugging when hair is tied too tight! It puts a strain on your hair roots and damages your hair follicles.

The constant pulling due to the hair tie and pillow may weaken your hair which causes split ends on the mid-length.

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To ensure no damage, try removing your hair tie and use a silk wrap or a silk pillow to ensure they are frizz-free and less damaged.

# Over Heat - Styling :

Before heat-styling your hair, we should consider our hair quality and whether it can take heat damage. Heat styling hinders your hair quality the most if your hair is thinning and already degraded.

Straightening or curling your hair may look beautiful for some time but, this weakens your strands, and you need to add multiple procedures to reverse the damage or increase the elasticity. Try using less styling products and use masks that can help with heat-treated hair.

# Brushing Your Hair Enormously :

Excessive combing can lead to breakage and thinning of your hair. We all have heard about combing your hair 100 times on each side to achieve the perfect texture and ensure hair growth.

It is a healthy habit to brush your hair to keep them soft and tangle-free. Try to skip brushing your hair frequently. Only brush your hair when needed and use a wide tooth to comb after air-dried shower hair.

# Heavy Extensions :

Hair extensions may add volume and length to your hair, but the impact on your hair is drastic! If not fitted properly, they will cause more damage and hair loss. They put extra weight, pressure on your hair and strain the scalp.

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Once you remove your extensions, let your hair breathe and put your recovery cap on. Before hair extensions, we request you to do your research and get it professionally done to ensure little damage.

It is crucial to follow a hair care ritual and avoid hair styling once in a while to ensure better quality and mirror hair damage. Take your vitamins and follow a wholesome diet to keep your hair strong and damage-proof.