How Biotin Capsules Affect Your Hair: Know What You're Using


You need to eat food rich in Biotin as well as consume biotin supplements or capsules for hair.

Once you've made the decision of going for a supplement, it's essential that you are aware of the brands and products you are going to choose.

With the number of options available in the market claiming to be the best biotin supplement for hair, the choice can surely be daunting to make.

Biotin supplements come in various forms from capsules, liquid, and powder to chewable.

They also come in several formulations, and that's where it gets tricky.

There are brands making several claims about their supplements being the best biotin tablets for hair growth or best biotin dosage for hair loss, and more. 

But what good do these formulations do to you? Or should you simply take supplements which do the required job of helping you get healthy hair and avoid complex formulations?

While there are supplements that include Biotin as part of B-complex or multivitamin, there are other biotin-only or biotin-gelatin mixed options available.

But these are still complex and processed sources of Biotin and often derived from an animal-based source which isn't as good on your health as the claims suggest.

The idea is to use less-processed active Biotin, which can only be gained through plant-based ingredients.

Plant based Biotin has various benefits compared to the other kinds of supplements that come with a *conditions apply*.

Plant-based Biotin can strengthen your hair and regulate blood sugar levels

Plant-based Biotin helps in breaking down proteins, thereby improving your metabolism

Biotin is the only source of active Biotin, which is 100 times more biologically active and can be found only in the plant. No synthetic biotin supplements constitute this.

Plant-based Biotin gets absorbed faster in your body compared to synthetic Biotin claiming to be the best biotin supplement for hair.

Plant-based Biotin does not have any side effects since they come from natural sources and are chemical-free

Plant-based Biotin is biologically 100 times more active and a great source of the vitamin when compared to synthetic or animal-based Biotin.

There are a couple of brands in the market that produce a good source of plant-based biotin supplements, and if you are looking for one, Power Gummies is one such source of supplement which is plant-based, natural and vegan.

It is also pectin and gelatin free.

Power Gummies is devoted to product integrity and maintaining a consumer-friendly quality of ingredients and consistent formulation since they come in a chewable form and do not support false claims of long and strong hair in a month!

They are effective when consumed daily for at least 90 days with no *conditions apply*.

Since Power Gummies don't contain any hormones or harmful chemicals, they practically don't have any side effects.

If you are looking at the best source of biotin multivitamins in food, mushrooms, nuts, nut butter, nut milk, soybeans are your buddies.

Whole grain and cereals, legumes, bananas and cauliflowers are some natural and rich sources of Biotin.

The best route to healthy hair is truly through attention to a healthy, colourful, and balanced diet accompanied by natural biotin supplements like Power Gummies.