How To Improve Oxygen Level At Home With Yoga Breathing Exercises

Misery of Oxygen Deprivation! Leads to the Crisis & Death Tolls.

Oxygen Crisis in
 India Due to Coronavirus Pandemic | Deaths are tolling due to lack of oxygen in India

During these days of oxygen deprivation which in current scenario has become one of the most dangerously emerging causes for the increase in number of deaths of people suffering from Covid19.

Here, Yoga Exercises can act as the best resource for lack of adequate amount of oxygen that the body of Corona positive patient needs.

The gasp for oxygen with every breath in critical cases or especially when the covid infection inflammation is high in the body, Yoga Breathing Exercises is the only solution one can rely on.

Oxy-haemoglobin deficiency or lack of sufficient oxygen in blood level is one of the cardio-respiratory disorders.

Due to some of this cardiac or respiratory disorder some are not able to get sufficient oxygen for their body cells.

The major reason for this mutant affecting the lungs on a rapid basis is due to the dramatic changes in our lifestyle as well in the last decade.

Few of the prime reasons includes –

# Sedentary way of working.

# Wrong dietary habits

# Lack of physical activity

# Smoking and alcoholism leading to many psychological and psychosomatic problems.

Now the question arises!

What Is The Best Alternative Available to Fulfill The Need of Oxygen?

Best Alternative To Oxygen Cylinders For Improving Oxygen level in Lungs and Body Due to Covid

Presently during severe Oxygen Crisis when finding and getting oxygen kit bed for a Covid infected patient has become near to impossible, people are looking for the alternatives to infuse their body with right amount of Oxygen.

Also, due to the lack of proper infrastructure of Oxygen generation in India, the availability of adequate amount of Oxygen for every single patient has become so crucial.

As a result of which one has to anyways adapt to Yoga Breathing Exercises as the best alternative since ages to protect their lives shattering away just like it’s nothing.

Can Yoga Exercises Help in Increasing Oxygen Level?

Best Yoga Breathing Exercises For Increasing Level of Oxygen Concentration in Body | Pranayama Breathing Technique For Improving Lung Capacity of Breathing

Yoga comes forth with some proning position making it easier and cost effective therapy to manage the condition at home.

Consistent practice of yoga exercises and postures increases the airflow in the lungs and enables improved lung function, stamina and efficiency.

General yoga breathing asanas and exercises help to reduce stress, physical tension and muscle tightness and boost your well being by activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

Yoga exercises come off as the actively recommended to COVID19 positive patients under home isolation to help with SPo2 fluctuating levels and improving oxygen levels directly at home.

A medically proven self therapy yoga breathing exercises with yogic position as well to boost oxygenation technique recommended to be made as a habit for covid positive patients daily.

A lot many elderly patients too have reported to have benefitted from this yoga breathing exercise position.

Pranayama: the Best Yoga Breathing Exercise Important for Improving Oxygen Level in Lungs!

Pranayama one of the best Yoga Breathing Exercises For Boosting Oxygen Level in Body due to Covid Infection

Yoga does the deal of strengthening the chest muscles, increases lung capacity and boosts oxygen intake as well.

Regular Yoga breathing exercises can help in keeping your lungs healthy and strong by improving your breathing mechanism and oxygen intake through Pranayama Breathing Exercies and other yogic postures activating the air-cells of the lungs and inhibiting the required strength.

Yoga therapy is the system that prevents and cures various diseases and disorders through yogic practices.

The yogic practices concentrate on purification of the body and mind, and through this integrated holistic approach one can overcome several kinds of afflictions in life, especially through ‘Pranayama

10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Pranayama Breathing Exercises

# Improves hypertension

# Revives the digestive system function

# Boosts the immune system

# Enables healthy weight loss

# Strengthens the respiratory system

# Relieves stress and mood imbalances

# Improves PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms

# Induces peaceful quality sleep and reduce insomnia

# Improves parasympathetic nervous system function

4 Best Pranayama Breathing Exercises for Regulating the Oxygen Level in the Body?

"Pranayama Breathing Exercie” involves taking control of your breath wherein "Prana" is Breath or vital energy in the body representing the pranic energy responsible for life and "ayama" means control.

Hence, altogether Pranayama is to take control of the rhythms of pranic energy with pranayama Breathing Exercises and achieve a healthy body and mind.

4 Best Pranayama Breathing Techniques Are -

Humming while Exhaling:

Pranayama Breathing Technique: Humming while Exhaling

Chanting of ‘Om’ keeping the breath on hold into the lungs and humming as long as one can.

Steps are:

# Sit straight and place hands on each side of your lower abdomen.

# Take a deep breath and hold it.

# Start chanting ‘Om’ through your throat without opening the mouth.

# Continue until you are able to extend and slowly exhale.

# Relax and repeat for several breaths at least 5-6 times.

Skull Shining Pranayama Breathing Exercise or Kapalbhati:

Pranayama Breathing Technique: Kapalbhati

This is a short explosive exhales and longer inhales technique, excellent to increase the concentration ability and strengthen the muscles of the lungs.

Steps are:

# Sit upright in a lotus pose folding your legs one over the other and hands on    the knees with palms facing upwards.

# Pull a deep breath and start to exhale through your navel and stomach moving back towards the spine.

# Slowly exhale through your nose to relax your navel and abdominal muscles.

# Repeat the process at least 10 times and then exhale and inhale again slowly to relax the body muscles.

Ujjayi Pranayama Exercise or Ocean Breath:

Pranayama Breathing Technique: Ujjayi Breathing Exercise

This Yoga breathing technique involves taking a deep breath from both the nostrils and half closed glottis.

It focuses on improving concentration, releasing tension through the body, regulating internal temperature of the body and promoting lung function.

Steps are:

# Sit down on the ground or solid flat surface in a meditative pose keeping your eyes closed and spine straight.

# Inhale long deep breaths and exhale through your mouth feeling the air passes through your windpipe.

# Once you feel comfortable with your exhales, contract the back of your throat to constrict the passage of air.

# Your throat would start making some rushing noise while exhaling.

# Repeat the same for inhaling once you are comfortable with exhaling, constrict the throat the same way while inhaling.

# When you can contract your throat while both inhaling and exhaling, close the mouth and start breathing through the nose.

# Fill your lungs, hold your breath for a while and then exhale.

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama Breathing Exercise or Alternate Nostril Breathing:

Pranayama Breathing Technique: Anlom Vilom | Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise

Subtle energy clearing breathing technique helping you to manage the stress level, reduce anxiety and promote overall well-being.

Steps are:

# Sit down with your spine upright and comfortably on the ground with your legs crossed.

# Inhale and exhale a few times slowly to make yourself comfortable in this position.

# Rest your left hand on your thigh in a meditation pose by joining the head of your thumb and index finger.

# Bring your right hand in Nasagra mudra by folding your middle and index finger.

# Close the right nostril with the thumb of your right hand. Take a deep breath with your left nostril and then close it with your ring and little finger.

# Open your right nostril and breathe out. Then breathe in with your right nostril and close it with your thumb.

# Again open your left nostril and exhale. 

In a Nutshell

With India upholding a dearth of resources in this crisis with respect to less oxygen enabling and monitoring equipments, the Yoga Breathing Exercises is the boon for the people of society to increase the oxygen level at home.

Pranyama Breathing Exercises also has a great influence over getting oxygen level right in the body, with proper Pranayama breathing techniques as listed above.

When the prompt need of oxygen arises especially during these Covid19 crises, where people are facing their or their family member’s life being scattered into pieces, that too due to the lack of oxygen.

And, they are so helpless that they couldn’t do anything but to practice Pranayama as the Best Yoga Breathing Exercise to increase the oxygen level at home, and to again lead a blissful life.