Power Hair Care : 4 Protein - Rich Foods That Help in Hair Growth

Having Troubles Growing Healthy Hair?

We all want healthy and strong tresses to enhance the way we look. In this era, The importance of adding protein to our diet is inevitable, especially if you want to grow your hair.

The only way to maintain healthy locks on your head is by practicing and eating right to boost hair growth.

Our hair grows around 0.5 inches per month and 06 inches per year but, it also depends on several factors like age, health, genetics, and diet. Lack of nutrients and vitamins are the main reasons for constant hair loss and less growth.

Here are few food items that you can add to your recipes to increase hair growth.

# Eggs :

The foundation of Hair follicles is protein, which is a core requirement for hair growth. Biotin and protein are nutrients that play a crucial part in promoting hair growth.

Eggs are filled with healthy hair nutrients like Zinc and selenium. They are key nutrients to enhance the process of air growth.

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# Sweet Peppers :

Vitamin C is responsible for promoting collagen production, which aids in hair growth. It strengthens your hair strands and protects them from oxidative stress.

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Sweet peppers are an exceptional source of vitamin A. It stimulates the production of Sebum and speeds up the hair growth process.

# Soybeans :

The spermidine, which is abundant in soybeans, is known to boost hair growth. The hair strands get stronger and provoke hair growth and hair quality level. Soybean is loaded with Vitamins, minerals, and healthy fays that are vital for hair.

# Spinach :

An essential mineral that your hair cells require for growth is called IRON. Iron deficiency leads to hair loss and damages the hair scalp quality. Adding spinach to your diet can help you with iron deficiency and strengthen the quality of your hair.

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Adding nutrients and vitamins can change the quality of your and balance the requirements for hair growth.

We care for you, and we would request you to consult a medical professional before any nutrient intake.