Power Hair Care : 5 Ways to Take Care of Your Hair While Wearing Hijab

A good hair routine enhances the quality of hair as well as gives your tresses a fresh restart. Ladies who wear hijab face multiple hair-related issues that need consistent care.

It is a misunderstanding that your hair under the hijab doesn't need attention or concern. Your tresses are undercover, and over time they start losing texture and moisture.

It is a collective phenomenon where women have shared their concerns after removing the hijab that they don't have the same lustrous, voluminous and beautiful hair, those are not because of wearing hijab.

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We are sharing few tips that you can adhere to ensure healthy hair beneath your hijab:

1. Let Them Breathe : To ensure healthy tresses, you have to let them breathe! Your hair is wrapped tightly all day long while wearing a hijab which doesn't allow them to be loose.

Once you come back home, ensure a significant time to let them be in natural air and brush them out. Best time to ensure it is at night time during your good night's sleep.

2. Take Your Sweet Time Shampoo and Conditioner : You need a hair cleaning routine to ensure deep cleaning after hours of wearing a hijab.

The scalp gets itchy due to accumulated dirt and oil due to sweating. The scalp needs cleaning and conditioning to stay clear and fresh.

3. Trim Your Hair Regularly : Hair trimming is a crucial step for hair growth and treating split ends. It's is an easy way to maintain your hair health.

4. Cover Your Hair With a Silk Pillow : A silk pillow will help you retain the moisture and of your hair. It helps with frizzy hair quality and breakage during nighttime.

5. Following a Healthy Diet and Taking Your Vitamins : The excessive hair fallout can be due to multiple reasons, not because of the hijab, but because of a poor diet.

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A healthy diet includes protein, vitamins, and minerals which, take care of your hair health from the inside. Adding the right amount of vitamins and nutrients will ensure strong tresses.

These are few ways you can take care of your hair. We hope this helps you with all you hair care issue.