Power Lean : Add These 5 Things To Detox Your Colon

So you had a feast! Now, wondering how I can detox my body? What can I eat to improve our gut health stability? After eating a heavy meal, you must opt for a colon cleanse to restore your overall wellness.

The colon is responsible for excreting metabolic waste, reducing weight, and releasing toxins. You can boost energy or treat any gastrointestinal conditions using cleansing your colon.

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There are several methods you can cleanse your colon, and these five things can help you rejuvenate your gut health after a heavy meal.

Include Probiotics :

Food items like yogurt, kimchi, pickles, and fermented food help introduce good bacteria because of the Probiotics. These good bacteria help with curbing inflammation by combining fiber and resistant starches.

You can add Probiotic supplements to help with digestive health related to the colon. Apple cider vinegar is another probiotic that aids in colon cleanse because of its enzymes that help with neutralizing bad bacteria.

High-Fiber Diet Intake :

We often forget to add fiber to our diets which is an essential High-fiber diet. Fiber is available in whole, healthy plant foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and more.

They manage constipation and overactive bowels that lead to boosting beneficial bacteria. The plant-based diet includes cellulose and fibers that help with colon excess bulk release.

Juices :

You must have heard that juicing is good for you. Yes, that is correct! Juices are inevitable colon cleaners, as they include fruits and vegetables. These are master cleansers as they benefit digestion.

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Juice blends help you stay hydrated, cleanse the colon, and most fruits & vegetables contain Vitamin c that helps boost gut health and detox your body.

Defiant Starch :

To regularise the bowel movements and cleanse your colon, you need to add resistant starches that are types of sugar that are food contents that are hard for the body to break down.

These starches are added to bulk stool and help with the digestive process. It promotes nutrient absorption, advances mental and physical health by maintaining hormone balance, and prevents obesity. Food items include potatoes, sugar cane, sweet corn, rice, corn flakes, and muesli.

Water Flush :

Staying hydrated is crucial for your gut health and colon detox. Your daily water consumption helps with regulating digestion and ensuring a healthy gut.

Water flush requires you to include 7-8 glasses of water and include fruits plus vegetables like watermelons, tomatoes, lettuce, and celery.

There are tons of benefits that you can get after a colon cleanse. It helps with toxin removal, boosts the immune system, Aids in weight loss, Overcomes gas plus bloating, and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

During a colon cleanse, you need to keep certain things in mind drinking eight glasses of water, eating healthy food options, and eliminating high sodium/sugar-based food options.

We care for you and recommend consulting with a medical professional before changing or including new practices to improve your health.