Power Over Periods : 4 Chai Recipes That Can Help With Your Menses

Periods! That time of the month, we crave everything from sweets, salty food, and so much more. It helps you feel a little better, but your gut doesn't feel that good.

We need to keep an eye on our food choices if we want to go through our menses without cramps and pains.

Chai Aka Tea (not chai tea) feels like a warm hug during our menstrual cycle. Hot tea can make your cramps less painful, but it can also benefit your overall period health.

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Cramps are uncomfortable, and they interrupt your regular lifestyle. Tea is a healthy caffeine substitute and is easily available in our pantry.

We have accumulated 4 chai options that will help you bear period cramps:

1. Green Tea: An instant mood relaxer

Green tea is known to calm muscles, ensure healthy blood flow, and lowers water retention in our bodies. Green tea balances your hormones and also benefits you if you have irregular periods.

How to make :

Boil 2-3 cups water and add half tablespoon green tea leaves. Let it simmer for 5 mins and sip your pain away.

2. Ginger Tea : An anti-inflammatory reliever

There is enough evidence to prove that ginger is an instant pain reliever. It has pain inhibiting properties that are great during cold- cough and calms those annoying period cramps.

How to make :

Boil 02-3 cups of water and add half a tablespoon of shredded ginger. Once it comes to a boil then, drink it. You can also add honey and lemon to enhance the taste.

3. Cinnamon Tea : The flow reducer

Craving Cinnabon, we have a healthy choice that can help you with your flow and the pain. Studies have proven that Cinnamon reduces nausea, reduction in heavy flow, and comforts with cramps.

How to make :

Add cinnamon stick in a container with hot water. Let it infuse for a while, and then add it with any other tea of your choice or drink it separately.

4. Fennel tea: An instant freshener

Fennel seeds are known as a mouth freshener, but did you know that they have properties that can help you with your periods as well. These seeds are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties and highly competent in water retention and regulate female hormones.

How to make :

Add fennel seeds to a tea strainer and pour hot water into a mug. We recommend not boiling them as it reduces the nutrient content. Let it steep for few minutes, and drink it slowly.

Tea is an all-season drink and has tons of properties that make you feel good from the inside. We hope these help with your period pain and THAT TIME OF THE MONTH go away swiftly.

We care for you and recommend consulting with a medical professional to know more about your period's related issues.