Power-Packed Life Of Our Power Girl: Shraddha Kapoor

Power Gummies - Shraddha Kapoor Secret of Health and Nutrition With Chewable Vitamins

There are highs and lows of being an actor and the most important one is to slay every time you face the limelight and cameras.

All this demands our Power Girl Shraddha Kapoor to take good care of her hair, skin, outfits and fitness because getting ideal hair and body isn’t just an overnight thing.

It is followed by a rigid diet based on nutrition and a fitness routine.

Shraddha Kapoor feels excuses make you weak and hence, believe in living a healthy lifestyle from an early stage and that is achieved only when the body is getting enough nutrition to function efficiently.

But how does Shraddha Kapoor strike the balance between nutrition and a hectic schedule?

What’s important as an actor is to keep a check on eating habits and what you feed your body even while shooting in different countries.

But it’s not that easy as it sounds! The reason being the eating habits are different everywhere and if you are a vegetarian like Shraddha Kapoor, you ought to prioritize foods that are rich in nutrients to keep you energetic and full all day long.

Other than this, the second most important factor for an active lifestyle is sound sleep.

It makes us wonder how people sacrifice their sleep whilst it being the most underrated therapy to make you beautiful.

Maybe that’s why it’s called, ‘beauty sleep’!

But what’s the secret behind Shraddha Kapoor’s picture-perfect look?

Just like experts say, drinking an ample amount of water clears the toxins inside your body, keeps you hydrated and renders glowing skin.

Along with this, Shraddha Kapoor mentions Power Gummies, “Gorgeous Hair & Nails” vitamins which are with her every day, to give her luscious long hair, flawless skin and just elegantly manicured nails.

Shraddha Kapoor feels delighted being associated with the complete concept of nutritional vitamin gummies by Power Gummies and the idea of taking 2 gummies a day for healthy hair and nails. 

Her love and affection towards the gummies can be seen in the video ft. Power Gummies where Shraddha Kapoor can be seen flaunting her gorgeous hair and making everyone fall in love with the secret she revealed.

The fact being Power Gummies ethos sync with Shraddha Kapoor’s is one of the key pointers why we landed together crowning her as our Power Girl.

Shraddha Kapoor follows a vegetarian diet along with a vegan week every month.

Not only this, she stands strongly against animal cruelty too.

Our gummies contain purely vegan, gelatin-free, and cruelty-free ingredients loaded with 10 essential vitamins and nutrients, we maintain the highest quality standards in our products as well as the packaging.

Shraddha Kapoor is fond of these cute little gummies that give strong nails, healthy hair and glowing skin even without makeup in just 90 days.

Ideally, Shraddha Kapoor isn’t fond of makeup other than on shoot but the glow she carries with her healthy hair is the result of her diet, 2 gummies a day and exercise.

Power Gummies’s Gorgeous Hair & Nails vitamins are scientifically-backed, clinically tested sprouting excelling results towards brilliance as per the trials run over 90 days with our research partner firm Mprex Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Results seen were -

# 65% decrease in hair fall

# 22% increase in hair growth

# 10% improvement in nail growth, and

# 35% decrease in hair loss on Day 90, with the impeccable amalgamation of Biotin, Vitamins A to E, Zinc and Folic acid in perfect amounts working together towards brilliance from inside the body resulting in long, healthy hair and nails which is always camera ready.

Power Gummies are FSSAI approved and FDA compliant as well touching over 4,00,000+ lives.

Shraddha Kapoor believes everyone can look gorgeous and slay the movie of their life.

Amazingly, Power Gummies too promote health and happiness for everyone for it being a unisex product - is suitable for all age groups (18-40 years) and has no side effects.

What makes it a perfect fit for everyone is the scrumptious flavour along with proven product efficacy.

Shraddha Kapoor understands that with changing times, it is essential to create nutritional supplements that fit into our dynamic lifestyles and savour our cravings too.

Power Gummies has all that Shraddha Kapoor wants.

Our gummies are easy to consume and ideally match with hyperactive lifestyles.

Shraddha Kapoor believes in uplifting each other and hence, always keeps spilling beans about her lifestyle and the products she uses personally, Power Gummies being one of them.

Other than her healthy living habits, Shraddha Kapoor loves dancing as much as she loves her work.

She always takes out time for enjoying herself with her family, friends and her cute gummies.

Shraddha Kapoor insists on never sacrificing nutrition for anything because your health is the straight path to your happiness.

And, that’s the motto of Power Gummies too!

“Health Powered By Happiness and Backed By Science