Take Care Of These Things During That Time Of The Month

As per World Health Organization reports, sadness, loss of confidence, low self-esteem, and less energy are common among females.

In India, about one-fourth (27.7%) of the female population falls in the transition phase of life i.e., 15-29 years age group where they go through physical, mental, emotional, and social development.

However, there’s no solid proof about why PMS happens, yet PMS is associated with menstrual cramps, positive family history, symptom onset since menarche, and relatively higher BMI.

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PMS disrupts work productivity, personal relationships and social activities. It is a health problem in women of reproductive age.

PMS refers to the changes in a female’s mood along with certain physical symptoms including irritability, emotional, anxiety, and depression.

The symptoms are weight gain, headache, fainting, and paresthesia. They appear about 1 week before the onset of menses and disappear soon after the menses.

While periods are here to stay with every woman once she enters womanhood. One should take care of what we need to do next!

There is a list of essentials we must stock in before periods ring the bell again.

1. Healthy Diet

The goal of a healthy life is a healthy diet and the same goes for periods. Your diet should be adequately filled with fruits such as watermelon, apple, and cucumber.

Along with this, include green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale that are rich sources of magnesium.

A diet full of fiber, leafy vegetables, and processed foods can be considered as the remedies to period pain and also make your hormones happy. 

Other food items you should add to your diet are:

# Ginger tea
# Chamomile tea
# Nuts
# Dark chocolate
# Yogurt
# Lentils and beans

2. Exercise

Yes, exercise is a part of the period pain remedies at home. Even if you feel tired and this is the last thing you might want to consider as a remedy for period pain.

Relax, we know you can’t do a high-intensity workout but some gentle exercise or yoga can definitely help you ease the period pain.

Try a few of these yoga poses at home to get relief from PMS:

# Supported prone
# Supine twist
# Reclined bound angle
# Inverted leg pose
# Child pose
# Cobra pose 

3. Hot Bottles

Using a heating patch on your abdomen can help relax the muscles of your uterus that cause period cramps.

Heat also boosts circulation in your abdomen, which reduces pain and eases cramps. This efficacy has made it occur in the list of remedies for period pain.

Some women do use hot bottles as a part of period pain remedies at home.

4. Vitamin Supplements

Power Gummies “That Time Of The Month” period pain gummies fight all the PMS-related symptoms with just 2 gummies a day. 

The ingredients involve 100% vegan ingredients that are clinically tested to treat menstrual cramps making them suitable for all menstruating women.



Vitamin C creates an easy path for the uterus facilitating a smooth flow and helps you have a happy & light period. The contractions in the muscles happen with ease and give you relief from menstrual cramps.


PMS brings mood swings. Vitamin B6 is your buddy to let you go pink in good mood. Also, deal with cravings!


PMS is anxiety and depression, let magnesium clear all the tension. Insomnia, stress, and breast tenderness can be effectively dealt with magnesium sulphate.


Passion flower extract relieves anxiety and calms you down so you get to sleep like a baby and the men can finally relax!


These are found in citrus fruits and are effective in easing blood flow. Effective for having a smooth flow without blood clots.

Stop worrying about bloodstains. Wear all your sassy clothes and rock the party even during your periods carefree.


Milk thistle comes from the plant, Silybum marianum and treats hormonal acne with ease. So, you don’t have to worry about pimples coming with your periods. Let your skin glow flawlessly every day of the year! 


The best of all. Chasteberry treats PMS symptoms. Hormonal acne or mood swings, this gem can deal with anything.

Seriously, name the thing, and it will treat it for you!

The ingredients match the safety and quality standards. Our gummies for period cramps are formulated to take the period blues away and make you go pink with happiness.

Gummies for PMS are cute little gummies for every woman who usually skips her adventures during that time of the month and deal with menstrual cramps.

Don’t let the cramps make you weak.

Say yes to impromptu meetings, fun trips and adventures that were on your bucket list for a long. It’s time to go live your dream, girl.

Our gummies are not like other contemporary gummies but are proven to show results if taken by a healthy person.

In case of medical conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, lactating mother, thyroid, etc we insist you consult a doctor before starting the usage.

Power Gummies, PMS relief gummies are to be consumed 3 days before your menstrual cycle, 4 days during, and 3 days after your cycle ends to kick out the PMS pain. 

Also, these are PMS gummies and not your ordinary pills to be afraid of.