Take Care Routine After Your Nails Extensions Are Removed

Who doesn’t like fancy and manicured nails? Nail extensions are trending these days! We cannot deny the rage too. Glamorous nails are great to complete your outfit, and your social media needs your nailfie updated.

These nail extensions come at a price because they leave your nail bed degraded after the removal. The chemical, glue, and buffing cause your nail bed to dry out.

Once removed, the extension makes your nails fragile, get delicate, and chip. You need to add a few essential steps to reverse the damage caused due to the nails extensions.

We Have Compiled a Few Tips and Tricks That You Can Use to Make Your Nails Naturally Healthy and Strong Again :

# Trim Your Nails After the Removal :

The nails grow underneath the extensions, so cutting your nails after the removal is ideal and allow natural growth again.

# Use Nail Serum and Cuticle Oil :

After nail extension removal, your nail bed gets stripped of its natural oils which keeps them moisturized. It makes them hard, brittle, and rough. To get it moisturized again, you need to use Nail serum and Cuticle oil. It will penetrate the oil in your nails and make them moist again.

# Use a Nail Strengthener :

After extension, you need to put effort into repairing the dried nails. A nail strengthener would help your nails to be stronger again. Just two coats and you will get your strong nails back.

# Try Not to Use Nail Polishes :

Skipping your gel nail polishes and keep bare nails for a while to get their strength back. You can switch to non-gel nail polishes as well if you want.

These are a few ways you can take care of nails once the nail extensions are removed. You can use natural oils to keep them nourished and apply hand creams that are enriched with moisturizing oils.

You know what else can help your nails stay healthy and make them grow! Power gummies Hair and nails gummies are enriched with Vitamin A to E, which are known to strengthen your nails and improve metabolism.

Hair and nail gummies have the magic ingredient that is crucial for healthy nails called biotin. Biotin can help with reducing splitting and breaking when included in a regular intake. These gummies are going to make your nails more durable and nourish them with all the good things.

What are you waiting for? Take the 90 days challenge and enjoy better hair and nails without worrying about the taste because they are delicious.