7 Hacks to Manage Your Period at Moon Time!

The only thing that makes that time of the month even more frustrating is stained beddings and the excruciating pain at night. We all need a healthy night's sleep to start the day and face various struggles related to our periods. The constant tossing and turning make the next day arduous to deal with, plus we become lethargic!

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We don't want our PG fam to fall behind or feel sluggish and not relish their a good night sleep, so we have discovered the hacks to manage your menses at bedtime:

# Switch to Alternatives :

The conventional period pads work okayish through the daytime, but we need to double the protection at night as we keep tossing and turning. We have many alternative options available in the market that work more efficiently than a pad at night. Tampons and Menstrual cups are the ultimate resolutions to the staining problem. They work great if you have a 6-7 hours sleep cycle.

# Find Your Comfortable Spot :

You need to find the spot on your bed that is comfortable and helps you sleep faster. It helps with preventing you from tossing and turning a lot at night. Less movement ensures less leakage and helps avoid stains.

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# The Heating Pad Doesn't Require a Wall Plug :

Hot water bags or chargeable heating pads are apt alternatives as they help you relax without leaving your comfy space. These bags provide warmness, stimulate blood flow, and help lessen cramp pains. Keep the water bag aside on the bedside table to stay safe from any hot water spillage at night. Stay cautious of the heat, and try not to burn yourself!

# Up Your Game With Period Panties :

Period-related brands have finally understood the assignment because of period panties! These are leak-proof and can absorb blood, and are designed with a built-in pad in your undies. So, if you feel uncomfortable wearing pads at night, then you can switch to these. You can keep these as a backup in your bedside drawer.

# Keep Yourself Hydrated :

Hydration is an imperative measure to stay away from those pesky period cramps and unwanted bloating. Drink a lukewarm glass of water or take warm water and add Milk powder to add taste, then drink it before going to bed.

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# Take a Good Walk :

Before getting in your cozy bed to snuggle, try walking for 10-15 minutes. We know that walking would be the last thing you wish to do, but your body releases endorphins (good hormones) and will eliminate the not-so-good hormones which cause the cramps. You will be able to sleep peacefully without cramps irritating you.

# Wear Baggy Clothing :

Wear your most loose-fitting clothing or night suit as it will help you breathe properly and rest. Another reason is to maintain a cool temperature while sleeping as it will help you sleep better.

These are a few tried and tested tricks that will help you snuggle in bed to sleep peacefully and wake up without any bum. We know something that can become your snuggle buddy and help with PMS hitting symptoms before they even start is That Time Of The Month Gummies! These chewable period pain reliever gummies are your dream come true! They taste like you are eating a strawberry candy that magically fades all your period-related woes. So, take your two gummies a day and unlock the joyous, cheerful, and confident you during those days.