A Perfect Diet for Your Body for the Best Care of Your Hair: It's All a Loop


Have you been observing tufts of hair collecting in the shower every time you wash your hair, bald patches, or a receding hairline?

The causes of hair loss in men could be many- right from poor diet and self-care, to lifestyle and genetics.

First, it is crucial to identify if you have any hereditary issues which are leading to male pattern baldness or alopecia and seek treatment for the same.

Regardless of genetic problems, the overall health of your body and nutritional levels are reflected in the quality of your hair, and a poor diet can lead to premature hair loss in men.

Why Male Pattern Baldness Occurs

Male pattern baldness is one of the most common forms of hair loss in men and is caused by changing hormones as you grow older as well as genetic factors and stress.

The hair follicles in your scalp, which are tiny cavities out of which your hair sprouts, gradually shrink owing to these factors.

As a result, the existing hair grows thinner, and hair growth is stunted.

Once these fall off, no new hair grow from these follicles.

Male pattern baldness causes hair loss primarily near the crown or temples, and usually results in a receding hairline that may form a "widow's peak".

Bald patches are also a consequence of male pattern baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

While there is no one-stop solution to pattern baldness for men, there are topical remedies as well as oral medication that can help control the problem.

Hair transplant can also be considered as a last resort.

The best way to deal with hair loss or hair-thinning when it is just starting is to check your diet.

While some food can stimulate hair growth and reduce hair fall, others may well be a catalyst for hair loss.

And Power Gummies hair growth vitamins for men is one ideal option that must consider.

A food supplement filled with hair vitamins and essentials like- biotin, protein, folic acid, vitamin B, C, D, & E, just 2 gummies a day will work wonders with the health of your hair, skin and nails.

Food That Contributes To Hair Loss

Some foods cause hair loss in men, and are best avoided and may pose the perfect response to the often asked question: "how to slow down male pattern baldness?".

Dairy and dairy products are some of the foremost food items to cause hair loss.

Dairy tends to block pores and epidermal build-up in the scalp, which in turn shrinks hair follicles and thins out hair strands.

Greasy food can also clog up your follicles by generating excess oil build-up in your scalp.

Processed food, especially soft drinks and breakfast cereals, have a very high amount of sugar, which has also been linked to premature hair loss in men and male pattern baldness.

Food That Helps Prevent Hair Loss And Stimulates Hair Growth

Protein and biotin are the two primary nutrients that help promote hair growth.

While protein is a major constituent of hair follicles, biotin is responsible for generating keratin which is a hair protein.

Eggs are a great source of both these nutrients and are also packed with zinc and selenium, which together optimize hair health.

Food for men's hair growth also includes Fatty Fish that contains omega-3 fatty acids, protein, selenium, vitamin B and vitamin D3.

Nuts and Seeds are also a great way to restore hair health since they are dense in Vitamin E and B as well as fatty acids, along with other nutrients.

Avocadoes are also a great source of vitamin E and fatty acids.

Iron is another excellent nutrient which promotes hair growth and food such as Spinach and Berries are a perfect source.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men At Home

Sometimes, OTC topical treatments and having a check on your diet is not enough, but you still do not want to commit to medical treatment.

Hair capsules like Power Gummies are the perfect way out in such a scenario from the comfort of your home.

They pack in the essential nutrients that contribute to hair growth in a stabilized form and with optimum proportions.

Biotin cpsules are a preferred variant of, especially powerful hair capsules.

Biotin is, as the name suggests, the main ingredient of Biotin capsules like Power Gummies.

As discussed earlier, this is the primary hair-building nutrient.

Biotin Capsules also tend to contain folic acid and various hair-growth stimulating vitamins to complement the efficacy of biotin.

The Power Gummies hair capsules, however, are not limited to only promote hair growth, they also improve your skin and nail’s health.

Instead, several nutrients contribute towards the overall health of the body, and the scalp, and thus makes for an ideal male pattern baldness treatment.