Periods Facts You Should Know

We live in a country where just 36% of women use sanitary pads right now. Period and menstrual hygiene discussions are never discussed.

There are a number of other fascinating facts about periods that no one has ever told you.

As a result, we decided to take the initiative and provide you with some lesser-known information on the periods.


1. During Your Period, You Lose A Lot Less Blood Than You Think.

During her period, a woman can lose up to three tablespoons of blood if she has a high flow. That's only 60 mL, or nearly two shot glasses.

However, it may appear like the flow is causing you to lose a lot of blood, but this is not the case.

Relax, but don't forget to look after your health in order to regain your blood.

2. Eyes Bleed During Periods

This is known as vicarious menstruation, and it occurs when you bleed from organs other than your uterus, such as your eyes.

While this is an uncommon occurrence, it occurs when endometrial tissue is passed into the circulation.

3. Your Period Can Be Helped By Your Nightlight

Light exposure has a simple effect on the secretion of the sleep hormone. The release of female reproductive hormones that affect menstruation health is controlled by this hormone.

It's important to stay awake during the latter two weeks of your cycle to avoid blacking out. To deal with irregular periods, sleep with the light on.

4. When You're Menstruating, Your Voice Changes

Female reproductive hormones have an effect on the vocal chords as well. The quality of your voice changes during menstruation, and some women smell differently as well. Your hormones are to blame once more for the change in your voice.

5. Tampons Appear to Be Everyone's Favorite

During their menstruation, over 70% of women use tampons. In her lifetime, a woman may use roughly 11,400 tampons.

The ease of use could be the reason why it became such a significant commodity in a woman's life.

6. Ladies, There Are Over 400 Periods!

An average woman gets around 400 periods in her lifetime or over 3500 days of menstruation. From the time a woman begins menstruation to the time she reaches menopause, this is the average count.

On average, a woman uses 18 tampons every cycle.

Yes, you read that correctly. During each period, a woman uses an average of 18 tampons. This is one of the reasons why certain tampon boxes are sold in packs of 18.

7. Shopping Spree Is On!

During certain times of the year, it is common to go on a shopping spree.

According to studies, women are more inclined to go shopping during their periods. The study found that while on their periods, women spent more money and shopped more impulsively.

Prepare to keep an eye on your purchasing inclination. These statistics are provided to help you have a better understanding of the monthly cycle.

You know how myths damage us, which is why we have a myth-fact face-off so you can see what the real reality is.

The most significant aspect a woman overlooks is having complete awareness of her body. However, in the long run, this is not a good thing.

Every woman should be aware of her body's activities, particularly menstruation, which marks the start of femininity and various other changes.

The first step toward women's advancement is to be aware of menstruation and to assist one another in learning everything there is to know about it.

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