4 Ways to Shield Your Hair Before Going for a Swim

Bikini check, sunscreen check, and what else? Let us remind you that you need to pack your hair care kit too for your tropical vacay.

Protecting your locks is equally essential before diving into your pool or the ocean because the chlorine in the water can hamper your hair strands.

The salty water has distinct effects depending on your hair quality and chemical treatments. 

 So before you dive in, we have some simple steps that you can follow to minimize the harm and shield your tresses. 

# Wash your hair before getting into the pool or ocean!

To reduce the damage to your hair, try rinsing your hair with normal water, which will stop further absorption of chlorine liquid. 

# Wear a swim cap or make a protective hairstyle.

Bun, boxy braids, or a protective hairstyle with a swim cap, there are so many methods you can use to cover up your hair.

Wearing-a-Swim-Cap | Powergummies

Covering up will ensure that your tresses are preserved, and chlorine water will not penetrate your hair. 

# Massage your hair with coconut oil. 

The oil acts as a moisturizer for the hair and will protect your hair from any further damage.

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This process will keep your strands moisturized and minimize the after-effects too. 

# Use a clarifying shampoo with a deep conditioning mask.

Chlorine water or salty water makes your strand dry and brittle. Your scalp needs cleaning thoroughly to ensure that there is no residue.

A clarifying shampoo can help clean your scalp, and a deep conditioning mask will strengthen your roots. This process will reverse the dryness and will make your tresses soft and manageable. 

Now, you are ready for your holiday and one more thing! Don't forget to take your Power Gummies Hair And Nail Vitamins as they will protect your hair from the inside.