5 Ways to Maintain Weight After Christmas Extravaganzas

We all feed our faces during the holiday season. Food coma is a very familiar and exclusive state that we all have encountered once in a while. Yes, we all consider holidays an excuse to pig out on high-calorie food items. After eating like it's the end of the world, most of us are googling ways to detox and get ready for fitness resolutions.

We have the solution to kickstart your fitness routine by including these five ways :

15 Minutes Strength Training :

Try not to miss your workouts, and we know the holiday feels tend to make you sluggish. You can add resistance training or aerobics, or yoga to maintain flexibility, improve steadiness plus lose extra kilos gained after feasting.

Eat Fresh :

Include healthy food options in every meal of the day. Eating veggies, fruits, and high-fiber food will keep you satiated, help you keep your digestive system in check. A simple and clean diet with low calories, plus highly nutritious after a high-calorie holiday feast.

Skip Gluten :

After heavy feasting, especially food items that include high caloric value, carbs and gluten can mess with your weight loss goals. Try skipping food items that contain gluten and less carb food options.

Indulge Smartly :

Snacking keeps your energy level up during the day and maintains blood sugar. Omit processed and packaged snack foods as they have a lot of sugar, salt, and additives. You can opt for intelligent snacking food options like fresh or dried fruit, cheese, uncooked vegetables, nuts, nut butter, or hard-boiled eggs to keep you satiated and energy level high.

Skip Holiday Cocktails :

Festive drinks provide warmth and coziness, but most cocktails or coffee drinks contain high sugar content. You can switch to drinks that have less sugar, especially homemade, like naturally flavored tea, and cocktails that have less alcohol.

As we are slowly and steadily stepping into the new year, adding small steps to change and update our lifestyle can make a huge difference in our weight management journey. We often stick to our mundane life and forget about taking care of ourselves. Let's add good habits and change the course of life.

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