Power Over Periods : 5 Things That Should Be Avoided During Periods

Menses are uncomfortable, period! 

Periods are a conversation starter, and no amount of grace can reduce the discomfort. It is a monthly reminder to change your lifestyle, to control and diminish symptoms of periods. And the first thing to remind yourself is to avoid certain food items that are the root cause of the inflamed symptoms during your periods.

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What you are putting inside your body determines how your cycle each month is going to go! Oh, it's okay to have an extra slice of cake! It might help with your mood, but cramps will make the happy feeling diminish in seconds.

Consuming food rich in nutrients will help you manage your hormones and help you fight against the fury of unbalanced hormones. And not just food items, you need to update a few lifestyle habits that can hamper and adverse your symptoms.

We have come across some food items that you need to remove from your grocery list asap and a few other things that you should avoid to minimize the impacts of your period symptoms. 

Here are the 5 things that you should dodge to lessen the impact of your period symptoms : 

Coffee :

Coffee can worsen period symptoms and chances of bloating as it constricts blood vessels. During that time of the month, you will feel better, skip your morning coffee and switch it with a warm cup of tea.

Spicy Foods :

We get tempted to eat spicy food. The fried kind or your favorite readymade snack is what we are talking about, and one should avoid it during your menstrual cycle.

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Red Meat :

During your menses, your body produces prostaglandins that cause the uterus to contract and result in your going through menstruation. The high levels of prostaglandin result in cramps, and advisable to avoid having red meat as they are high in prostaglandins.

Avoid Working Out :

Mindful movements do help your body relax during your periods. Exercise helps relieve cramping and other bodily aches when we are bleeding. It is recommended to avoid if the pain is unbearable and choose activities that are not high intensity.

Wear A Pad For Longer Than 4 Hours :

We often forget to change our pad or tampon all day. You should keep changing your pads and tampon every 3 to 4 hours to avoid bothersome odor, bacterial accumulation, which can lead to infections.

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Just by taking just 2 gummies a day! You can change the way you have to deal with your periods and decrease the symptoms.

We care about you, and if you need help maintaining your period, we recommend you reach out to a medical professional.