Power Over Periods : Possible Causes of Irregular Periods

Your menstrual cycle changes depending on multiple factors and lifestyle changes. Menses don't show up right on time! Most women get their periods according to the 28 days calendar but the period cycle may vary or get delayed. It is essential to keep track of your periods and understand your menstrual cycle.

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If Your Periods Are Getting Delayed and Are Irregular, Then Below Mentioned Reasons Are the Cause of It :

Endometriosis :

The tissue that normally lines your uterus grows outside the uterus and this condition is Endometriosis, which affects 1 out of 10 women. This condition causes debilitating menstrual cramps, heavy bleeding and prolonged periods. Other symptoms include gastrointestinal pain and painful bowel movements.

Extreme weight loss and eating disorders :

Rapid weight loss can impact your period dates and hold the cycle. Eating enough calories helps with the production of the hormones for ovulation and not having enough calories hinders the process. You may experience fatigue, headaches, hair loss along irregular periods.

Lifestyle Factors :

Skipping meals, constant dieting, variations in exercise routines, travel, illness, and medication disrupt the menstrual cycle and change the period routine.

Birth Control Pills :

Estrogen and progestin hormones are available as a combination in birth control pills. These help you to prevent pregnancy by stopping the ovaries from discharging eggs.

Switching on and off birth control pills affects your period cycle. Commonly, women miss or have irregular periods after the discontinuation of birth control pills.

Stress :

Several studies have shown that stress disturbs the menstrual cycle and interferes with hormonal health. It impacts the overall health of the period. Once the stress levels get decreased, then your period cycle improves accordingly.

Excessive Exercise :

Change in your workout routine or including Intense or over-exercising is responsible for interfering with your hormones. Female athletes who go through intense training do miss or have irregular period issues. Cutting down on your training and with medical help, this improves.

Breastfeeding :

Breast milk gets produced by a hormone that is called Prolactin. It suppresses the reproductive hormones which result in light periods or no period at all during breastfeeding. Once you have stopped breastfeeding, they start getting back to normal.

Multiple treatments can help with irregular menstrual cycles after understanding the cause for the same. These treatments include exercise, weight loss or weight gain and vitamin D supplements. You can try stress reducing techniques that help, Yoga, Meditation, deep breathing and taking time off work.

These can be possible causes because of which you have irregular periods. We care for you and recommend consulting with a medical professional regarding any such concerns.