Power Over Periods : Things You Need to Know Concerning Your Periods!

Periods happen every month, but do you know everything about your periods? Did you know that women go through 400-450 periods throughout their existence? Yes! There are things concerning your periods that are either considered a myth or you have no idea about them. During your menses, your body experiences multiple changes, and you need to learn about them.

We Have Attained Unusual Things You Should Know Concerning Your Periods :

You Can Get Pregnant During Your Periods :

There is a misconception that you cannot get pregnant during your period but that is false! Women go through ovulation each month when they release an egg, and it seems just like regular periods. When ovulating, you are at the peak of your fertility, and you are very much likely to get pregnant. Women may continue ovulating even before their periods and, during bleeding which could lead to conception.

Your Period Changes Throughout Your Life :

Periods are unpredictable, and they show up when you least expect it even if you keep track and the dates keep changing. Hormonal shifts happen constantly, and they change the entire process. From the first period, your period cycle changes and starts getting shorter or longer. It may get heavier or lighter bleeding during your periods.

PMS Is Still a Mystery.

1-2 weeks before your periods, you start your PMS cycle where you begin breaking out, feeling lethargic, start craving, feel bloated, and have mood swings. PMS is different for every woman and changes every month.

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During the start of your PMS cycle, your hormone shifts and chemical changes happen in your brain which causes emotional distress and emotional issues which makes the process more uneasy.

Tampons and Pads Are Not Solely Options :

Tampons and pads are widely used during periods, but we do have new alternatives available in the market which are more flexible and eco-friendly. A menstrual cup is another choice that fits inside your vagina and collects blood during your periods.

Period panties are a great alternative that is super-absorbent which you can wear on lighter flows. On heavier flow days, you can switch to tampons or pads. You can also get a cost-saver option like Reusable cloth pads that can be washed, worn again, and causes less waste.

You need to change your menstrual pad within 8 hours, can use a tampon for 4-8, but you can go up to 12 hours with a menstrual cup before changing it. You can find the most suitable that fits and works for you.

30-45 minutes of working out, sleeping for a good 8 hours, avoiding alcohol, not smoking are a few lifestyle changes that will help you improve and control your PMS symptoms.

You need to limit your salt intake, including fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Adding a reasonable amount of vitamins and nutrients makes your PMS symptoms less painful.

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