Power Over Periods : How to Know if Your Hormones Wrecked ?

Feeling sleepy throughout the day and then no sleep during nighttime? Do you have constant digestive issues and anxiety?

If the answer is yes, then your hormones are wrecked! Hormonal imbalances are common among this generation of ladies.

Stressful days, unhealthy eating habits, and not maintaining your nutrient requirement can be the reason behind your unbalanced hormonal health.

Hormonal health is crucial especially, during that time of the month, as it hampers the entire cycle and leads to challenges throughout the moon cycle.

There are ways to ensure that your hormones are in check by simply, adding leafy vegetables to your diets, staying hydrated, and taking your Vitamins.

There are ways to identify that your hormone level needs more attention. If you have these below-mentioned symptoms, then your hormones are imbalanced.

# Mood Swings

Mood-Swings | PMS-Pain-Relief | Power-Gummies

# Irregular Periods

Irregular-Periods | That-Time -Of-The-Months | Power-Gummies

# Fatigue

Fatigue | MS-Gummies | Power-Gummies

# Headache

 Headache | Period-Cramps-Relief | Power-Gummies

# Insomnia

Insomnia | Period-Pain-Relief | Power-Gummies

# Brain Fog

Brain-Fog | Menstrual-Cramps | Power-Gummies

# Breakouts

# Weight Gain

# Painful periods

# Anxiety

These factors differ from person to person and, it also depends on your intake and lifestyle. Our bodies' functions work more efficiently if we act according to the necessary needs of our wellness.

Hormonal imbalances can hamper your day-to-day life, but their impacts are reversible if healthy habits are included in the wellness regime.

We care for you and recommend consulting with a medical professional for more expert help.