Power Over Periods : Juices to Get Rid of Your Menstrual Pain Quickly!

The Moon cycle, that time of the month, mensuration, countless names are associated with what women go through every month frequently.

The most consistent factor to think about is how to manage it? How to reduce its impact on the cyclic life series?

Pain during your periods is a prevalent phenomenon in which some prefer taking medication, Vitamins and others prefer home remedies.

In search of a cure that helps, we found a few juice options that you can prepare at home, which will help you with your Period pain.

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Why Juices? Can juices help with your periods?

Juices are a combination of tons of nutrition and a unique blend of health-benefiting ingredients which not only promote your health but also it aids in menstrual cramps. You can add fruits, vegetables, and Nutrient powders to heighten its bonuses.

Yes, Juices are easy to make and perfect for if you have limited time.

We have found recipes that are highly nutritious and great for your period pain :

# Watermelon juice :

One of the reasons for period cramps is due to water retention. Water retention makes your period cramps more finicky to deal with during the cycle. It helps with your hydration level, prevents bloating, and increases blood flow because of the vitamin B12 content. You can drink this one week before your period date for the best results.

How to prepare :

Scoop out the watermelon and blend it for 30-40 seconds. Your watermelon juice is ready! If you don't like seeds then, strain them twice to get rid of them.

# Beetroot-juice :

A natural source of iron, calcium, and folic acid among all the other veggies, Beetroot is an excellent natural cure for anemia, bloating, and water retention. It has natural sweetness without any added preservatives or sugar.

How to make : Take two or more medium-sized washed beetroots, dice them and blend them at high speed. You can add other veggies and fruits to make it healthier like, adding carrots, apples.

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# Apricot Juice :

The great source of antioxidants and filled with nutritious properties. Apricot juice is known to help with gut health which is important to ensure no sudden hunger pangs.

It helps with hydrating your body, stimulates digestion, and neutralizes acids, especially during periods.

How to make: You need 3-5 clean and pitted Apricots, One lemon juice, 100g brown sugar, and 400 ml water. Cut them into pieces, boil them with water, lemon juice, and brown sugar.

On medium flame, let it simmer for another 20 minutes and blend it after cooling down. Then you add water, according to your requirement.

These juices will fill you up and keep you hydrated during your periods. Do you know what else can help you with the period cramps? That time of the Month Power Gummies is an essential period buddy as they minimize most period-related issues for you.

We hope these juices help you ease your pain. We care for you and recommend connecting with a medical professional regarding your health requirements.