Christmas Hair Care Routine : Does Rice Water Help Nourish Your Hair?

Ho ho ho! It's the most thrilling and decorated time of the year! You must be searching for the lit hairstyle ideas that go with your dazzling outfits and accessories. Pulling together the chicest hairstyles is only possible if you have prepped your hair before Christmas and other festivities.

Christmas Hair Care Routine | Hair and nails Power Gummies

For those bedazzled braids and exceptional blow-dries, prettiest buns, and glam ponytails, you need healthy and strong hair that can tightly hold, plus don't get messed up after so many products usage.

To level up your hair game and amp your insta lewk, we have the perfect solution that can treat your hair and make it soft, plus ready-to-be-styled, Rice water!

Rice water is considered holy water, in many cultures for hair care, especially in southeast Asia. The cloudy water is full of nutrients, and it makes your hair smooth, strong and nourishes the scalp. It is believed that they help grow your hair and clear any residue buildup on your scalp.

Christmas Hair Care Routine | Power Gummies hair and nails gummies

We are all leaning towards traditional beauty remedies, and rice water is the ultimate game-changer to treat your dull and dry hair. If you have heard about the Yao women, then you know that they have the most immaculate long, dark, and clean hair, and they have achieved them by religiously using rice water. Rice water helps de-tangle and give their hair the strength they need.

Let Us Start With Learning About the Benefits That You Can Achieve by the Magical Rice Water :

Rebalances Moisture :

After using multiple different products on your hair, they become more Damaged and have difficulty retaining moisture. Not getting enough moisture results in frizzy strands and split ends which one can treat with rice water. The protein content in rice water helps retain the moisture, reduces breakage, and improves the texture.

Detangles Hair :

Once you start using rice water, your hair strands become softer and more manageable. Rice water makes it easier to detangle your tresses. It can increase the manageability of your strands, improve elasticity, and increase shine in the hair. 

Boosts Shine :

Rice water adds hydration and minimizes the formation of split ends. It wholly improves the appearance of hair, plus the starchy solution adds luster to dull hair.

Promotes Healthy Hair Growth :

Rich in antioxidants, rice water has positive results and has the ability to increase hair growth. It nurtures the hair follicles, repairs damaged cells and promotes healthy hair. It strengthens the follicle and increases the optimum production of quality hair that is less prone to breakage.

Calms Irritation :

The starch content in rice water can help enrich damaged skin, irritation caused by sodium lauryl sulfates in daily products. It can soothe inflammation in the scalp when used in moderation.

Rich in antioxidants, rice water | hair and care power gummies

The household staple, Rice is one of the most commonly eaten grains around the globe. It gets fortified with folate and loaded in vitamins, amino acids, and other minerals like zinc, magnesium, vitamins B and C.

All you need to do is add half a cup of rice water and rinse it, then add another half cup of fresh water. You can leave it overnight or for 3-4 hours and rinse it after leaving this treat for 20-20 minutes. You can remove it before 20 minutes if you feel your hair is crunchy post-rinse. You can store unused rice water in the refrigerator for up to a week.

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# Zinc :

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# Vitamin A to E :

Stimulates hair and nails, reduces breakage, nourishes the scalp, and boosts metabolism.

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