Eat It Raw : What Is a Raw Vegan Diet?

A plate that is full of veggies, high in nutrition, satisfying, and loaded with flavor. Ah! It instantly makes you feel super healthy. It is vital to assess the perks and drawbacks of starting a new diet, mainly if raw ingredients get added to the regime.

Vegan diets have taken over the healthiest diet options available and are regaining popularity recently. Some support such food regimes to follow humane or environmental purposes, but they have a ton of wellness gains too.

Weight loss, improved heart health, and a lower risk of diabetes are a few benefits of such diets. A vegan diet includes raw and cooked meals, but recently we have encountered a few new versions, including simply unprocessed food items. 

Let Us Start With Understanding, What Is a Raw Vegan Diet?

There are two most popular categories of vegan diet, one is the plant-based diet which does not include any meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy. It also refrains from adding any ingredients like honey, gelatin. Raw veganism only includes foods cooked under 118ºF. Additionally, it is naturally low in processed foods.

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Preparation methods include alternatives such as juicing, blending, soaking, sprouting, and dehydrating, which are used instead of cooking. It is assumed that a raw vegan diet provides tons of benefits that other diets cannot give.

A raw vegan diet promotes heart health due to its focus on fruits and vegetables. Veggies and fruits are consistently associated with reducing heart diseases, lowering blood pressures, and stroke. This diet also reduces your risk of diabetes and is efficient at losing weight and keeping it managed. It helps with resolving digestive issues as well. 

Food Items That Get Included in the Diet :

# Raw fruits and vegetables.
# Sprouted legumes
# Almond milk
# Raw seeds and nuts (Not roasted)

Food Items That You Show Avoid During the Raw Vegan Diet :

# Meat
# Dairy products
# Pasta
# Cheese

This diet can change the way you eat and has a fruitful result that drastically improves your strength. It is crucial to prepare for this diet beforehand because if it gets planned poorly. Then this diet will cause issues like increased risk of nutrient deficiencies, infertility, and muscle, bone, and teeth weakness. If you are planning to give a raw vegan diet a green flag! Then, it is necessary to add supplements that help with nutrient deficits.

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