5 Ways to Manage Period Pains Easily

Periods and cramps are two things that over half of the menstruating woman population would like to get rid of completely! Women who menstruate go through dysmenorrhea, the scientific name of period pain.

Discomfort, headaches, anxiety, and mood swings are a few changes caused by period pangs during your menses. Cramps happen when your uterus contracts to shed the uterine lining, and this causes pain in your abdomen, lower back, groin, or upper thighs.

Menstrual cramps strike because compounds called prostaglandins that get released in excess from the uterine lining are shedding. This process is necessary, but when it gets released in excess, they cause pain.

You can ease the pain using heat pads and a few remedies like eating fiber-rich foods, magnesium-rich supplements, anti-inflammatory pain medication, and acupuncture. Magnesium is the most effective mineral to ease pain over time and lessen periods related issues.

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First, Understand What Causes Your Period Pain With Detailed Reasoning :

If you are experiencing excruciating period pain, there can be multiple reasons like genetic, health issues, eating disorders, or many more. You can be the only woman in your family who goes through such severe cramps or facing these issues in your late twenties. Below mentioned can be the reasons behind it:


Premenstrual syndrome starts a few days before your period begins and continues till the 1st or 2nd day of your period. Estrogen and progesterone levels start dropping before your periods, which are the causes of cramps. The other PMS symptoms are tiredness, irritability, and abdominal pain.


Premenstrual dysphoric disorder severe version of PMS which affects a marginal number of menstruating women. It causes high levels of stress, depression, and intensified cramps.

Endometriosis :

A uterine lining that grows outside the uterus and other parts of your reproductive organs like the ovaries. Your body tries to shed the outer endometrium growing outside the uterus but faces difficulty getting released and eventually gets stuck. It causes painful cramps, heavy bleeding, irritation, and inflammation.

Fibroids :

Harmless growths that may develop in the uterine lining are called Uterine fibroids. They are hard to detect and are not big enough to change the shape of the uterus. They appear during the childbearing years and are gone during or after menopause. They cause heavy flow and painful menstrual pains.

Ways You Can Manage Your Period's Cramps :

Acupuncture :

This Asian healing method can help you ease your period cramps. Acupuncture helps relax your nervous system, allowing fresh and more blood to flow to internal organs. It calms inflammation too and has no side effects.

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A Hot Cup of Tea :

Teas have anti-inflammatory properties that help heal cramps. They reduce the muscle contractions in the uterus that induces cramping. Teas like chamomile and ginger tea have benefits that aid with stress release, relieve menstrual cramps, and help with sleeplessness.

Only Decaf :

Caffeine makes cramps more painful because it makes your blood capillaries narrow that tighten your uterus. You can switch to alternatives like decaf or tea. You can also boost your energy by taking a 10-minute walk or eating snacks high in protein.

Ways to Release Stress :

Stress is another factor that makes your period pain worsen. During periods, most women face anxiety or irritability that only makes period cramps hard to manage.

Try stress-relieving techniques like meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or listen to your favorite music. You can find a calm place where you can sit down, take a deep breath, and it will take your stress away.

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