What Is Period Flu? How to Reverse and Manage the Symptoms

Have you encountered sudden mood swings just before you are supposed to get your periods! Or had flu-like symptoms bothered you before that time of the month? If the answer is yes! Then you are going through Period Flu. It is not a commonly used medical term, but it is another name for PMS. The premenstrual syndrome that comes before your periods has physical and emotional symptoms similar to flu.

# Let's Start by Understanding What Causes Period Flu?

It's slightly tricky to understand what are the symptoms of period flu. The foremost cause can be the fluctuation of hormones. Sudden drop of hormones before your body, particularly between the ovulation and the period day the symptoms arise and what causes the period flu.

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The estrogen levels are low during the span, and hormones like prostaglandins are higher than required, and they cause cramps. Few women experience abdominal cramps and diarrhea during this period.

Due to constant hormonal shifts, the serotonin tends to fluctuate, which impacts our overall mood and awakens the feeling of fatigue. A few symptoms identified as period flu are irritability, fatigue, joint pain, muscle pains, mild fever, nausea, headaches, and dizziness.

You might correlate with these if you have PMS. These symptoms are amplified before periods but eventually get lower after that time of the month.

What Can You Do to Minimize Its Impact on Your Body?

Changes in your daily lifestyle can make a huge difference and provide the relief you need before and during your periods. Self-care is a more efficient way to get relieved, and it starts with a good night's sleep.

Dietary changes can also help with such signs. Keep your blood sugar levels regulated with frequent small meals, eat food items rich in calcium, consume whole grain food items, and avoid alcohol to stay ready to tackle the symptoms efficiently.

Adding mindful movement is equally important to keep your body relaxed and has less stress. You can try doing yoga, massage, deep breathing exercises, and meditating to calm your symptoms.

These symptoms are not likely to happen to everyone before their periods as it also depends on our body function and lifestyle patterns. Changes in hormone levels during periods are the principal cause behind such signs.

Body ache and lethargy are similar symptoms and make you feel you are down with the flu. It causes discomfort and is not something that can spread, but with self-care, dietary modifications, and mindful movement, you can change the course of your pain.

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