You Need To Add Green Veggies To Your Shopping List!

Adding veggies to your period diet is crucial as they are full of optimal nutrients and detoxifying components.

Veggies aid in hormonal health and makes your menstrual cycle gentle. Cruciferous veggies are most beneficial when it comes to hormone well-being. These veggies help with estrogen metabolism, detoxify your hormones and get them excreted.

Cruciferous vegetables contain 13C, which gets converted into DIM. It helps with the overall circulation of estrogen levels. It also directs the estrogen down to a protective pathway.

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These vegetables also contain a compound called sulforaphane that helps with phase 2 detoxification. Cruciferous vegetables are a family loaded with sulfur-containing compounds.

It is important to know what are the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Such imbalances are usually seen during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and post-partum, premenopausal, and menopause.

The symptoms are Migraine, Acne, Irregularity in periods, insomnia, water retention, and many others. They differ from condition to condition and also according to the diet intake.

We have found nine vegetables that you can add to your diet to boost hormonal health:

# Kale
# Cabbage
# Broccoli
# Bok Choy
# Arugula
# Brussels
# Cauliflower
# Mustard Greens
# Watercress

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Your Hormones have an immense influence on our overall well-being, and it enhances the body functions especially your menstrual cycle. These vegetables are known to help with multiple other PMS issues and maintain a healthy balance.

There are other factors like stress, drinking caffeine, high-carb diets, and alcohol. Periods can be smooth and painless with the correct nutrient and vitamin intake.

We care for you and recommend you connect with a medical professional to get a better idea and medications depending on your situation.