4 Ways to Deal With Menses While Playing Sports

This generation is transitioning to a more active lifestyle that includes numerous activities that need full-body movements. The straightforward response to whether you can work out during your menses is surprising, but the answer is Yes! You can play sports, work out or add physical activity while menstruating.

There are contrary beliefs that some women should avoid working out during that time of the month, and yes, it differs for some. Your period symptoms include bloating, cramps, and low energy that can impact your overall activity.

Some days, you might have to push yourself to the gym, especially during your menses. These symptoms can make you uneasy, and even though maintaining an active lifestyle is not easy, the results are super beneficial. Doing any activity will lessen the period symptoms and benefit your overall health to deal with periods.

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Periods are no joyride, but you can add activity to make them bearable. If you are starting your fitness journey or looking for ways to deal with periods without missing out on active movements.

Here we have four ways you can deal with Menses while playing sports.

Listen to Your Body :

First thing first, You need to understand how much and what type of exercise or sports you can play during your menses. Some women have to go through adverse cramps, and rather than pushing your body to its limit, try activities that benefit it and help you relieve period pain.

Keep Track of Your Period :

Do it like the pros, and keep track of that time of the month to ensure that you are not undergoing high-intensity workouts. It will also allow you to maintain better health before your periods to play different kinds of sports.

Always Keep a Backup Kit :

Be ready with a backup kit, to ensure that you are ready to play without any bummers. Your kit should include heating pads, spare tampons, snacks, pain-relieving balm, and most importantly, your supplements to keep you active.

Keep Yourself Hydrated and Eat Nutritious Food :

It is likely to get cravings and feel more hungry than on regular days. Eating junk food will make you feel sluggish and bloated, so try eating fruits, healthy snacks, and pre-game meals to keep a nutritional balance. Keep yourself hydrated and keep a pre-game snack ready to eat if you encounter sudden cravings.

Exercise can help your body relax, and it can alleviate your pain. Mindful movement helps release the happy hormone that is called serotonin and drastically improves your period patterns.

Periods can be troublesome, but what is the solution?

We have a solution to help you get through with it. Go, get yourself a That Time of The Month Gummies that will drastically improve your period symptoms for good.

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These berry-flavored gummies have Vitamin-B6 that helps with reducing a wide range of PMS indications and mood fluctuations, and Chasteberry extracts are known to calm period cramps.

We care about you, and if you resonate with any of these signs, we recommend you reach out to a medical professional for help.