#Careonthesledge : 5 Ways to Maintain Weight Even With a Heavy Christmas Feast

One day to go, and It is beginning to look a lot like the holy-jolly day! We all want to eat, drink and be merry! We want to dig in delightful feasts that include cheese, street food, and whatnot! Christmas Comes Once a Year, the excuse to dig in and devour everything on the plate, but you have been working out the entire year to get fitter.

Maintain Weight Even With a Heavy Christmas Feast | Power Gummies

We often forget about our diet routine and ruin thy process (mostly unintentionally, we blame the diner for that extra slice of cake) just for the -spirit of the holiday. The more, the merrier, just for the festive week can slow down your process, and we need to strike a balance to maintain our regime.

We have five ways you can maintain your weight and control over indulging in Christmas feasts, plus enjoy Christmas just like a piece of cake!

# Make Rules and Try to Stick to Them :

If only there is a way to stop guilt binging and restricting, especially during the merry season, we end up spiraling back in the binging loop and eating everything that seems binge-worthy. Oh, damn cupcakes! Rather than trying to stop yourself from eating that cupcake, allow yourself to relish and eat one.

To ensure a healthy balance, eat healthy food, grab a plate of sauteed vegetables or salads or soups that fills you up and stop you from taking that guilt trip. The trick is simply by enjoying your Christmas lunches and dinners but adding nutritional food that does not impede your diet plan.

# Dance, or Possibly Get Off That Couch :

Move, do whatever suits your routine, just dance, or finally take your dog for a walk (Win-win). We often fall back to our old patterns where we used to skip working out in the name of festivities.

If you ask us, we might throw the idea of working out of the window during holidays and enjoy relaxing on our couch the entire day, but keeping ourselves healthy always wins. You do not need to go to the gym to burn calories.

Try different activities like play with your small cousins (their energy levels are weirdly super high), or dance like no one is watching (literally), or you can lie down on the floor and pretend to be dead Shavasana. Just keep your heart rate high and keep your body moving. And from time to time, get off that couch.

# Prep Prep Prep :

Weekend plus Christmas, yeah! We have more choices to indulge and gorge on those feasts than eat something nutritional. So be prepared beforehand, and rather than going out, plan your healthy meals and stick to the plan.

Eating in moderation is a mandate to maintain a healthy regime during the weekends. And one cheat meal will not ruin your weight loss regime, but the whole cheat week might! -so be prepared.

# Take the Smallest Plate on the Counter :

During the holidays, we often fill our plates and mostly end up eating everything on the menu. So, try taking the smallest plat and take small plates plus take your time chewing your heavy food items. Focus on what food items will help you fill up and not make you feel guilty afterward. Make happy memories by ensuring healthy habits.

# Choose a Better Alcohol Swap :

Oh! Those Creamy cocktails, we blame the movies for glamorizing the bar scenes during the Christmas season. Try a flavored sugar-free sparkling water or vodka or a glass of wine for an extra flare. Making swaps will keep you on track and enjoy your Christmas time.

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