Power Over Periods : 5 Ways to Efficiently Manage Period Bloating

Bloating is definitely not something you look forward to, and it happens to everyone, but PMS bloating is level 10! It induces discomfort, and there are ways to get rid of the bloat.

Our dynamic working schedules and eating habits or itch for conveniences lead to factors that cause bloating. In an idealistic world, we can imagine following healthy diets or eating veggies, staying hydrated, but in reality, we rely on fast foods, caffeinated drinks, and it evokes all the factors which make you bloat.

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You can experience bloating right before your period starts, and it is considered a very typical symptom associated with PMS. It can begin a week or two before your period starts, and once the periods are over will get relieved of it.

If you exclude bloating, then there are other common symptoms of PMS that include cramping, food cravings, moodiness, acne, fatigue, and breast tenderness. Swelling is another common indication of PMS caused because of water retention. 

Why do you bloat during your menses?

You bloat simply because of fluctuating hormones, and your estrogen and progesterone hormone levels fluctuate during the luteal phase. The uterus lining gets thicker, and if you are not pregnant, the lining is released then you get your menses.

The body goes through multiple physical symptoms, but there are other causes why you have to go through these signs-like your genes, your nutrient intake, your diet, and how much alcohol plus caffeinated drinks you consume.

Here Are the 5 Ways You Manage Your Bloat During Periods :

# Change Your Eating Habits :

To control bloating too much, you need to avoid food items that have high salt content. Processed foods have a lot of salt other ingredients that are not considered the healthiest.

# Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine :

Professionals recommend skipping alcohol and caffeine during that time of the month as it can make you bloat. Hydrate and try skipping early morning coffee. You can drink tea or try decaffeinated drinks to control the bloat.

# Include High-Potassium Foods :

Eat or snack on high potassium foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, or avocados that can help minimize the bloat. Potassium can flush out sodium and help release excess water from the body. Don't eat potassium-rich food late at night and eat it 2-3 hours before your bedtime.

# Say No to High Fiber Food Items :

Eating fiber-rich food items can make you bloat instead of controlling it. But they do help with maintaining a healthy digestive system, but high fiber food makes bloating worse. Eat fiber-rich food before your menses to manage your digestive system.

# Eat Magnesium-rich Supplements :

You need a laxative to soothe and ease your stomach if you bloat because of constipation. You can add magnesium supplements to balance a healthy digestive system.

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